Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Search

Enter a product keyword or part number in the search box at the top left of the screen.
Click 'search'

2. Search Tips

For a more refined search click 'advanced' at the top left of the screen following the search button.

3. Information

At your search results, view extended description and product image by clicking the product 'name'.

4. Shopping

Click the 'BUY' button to add products to your basket. These will remain in your basket during your shopping session. You can view or remove items from your basket at any time.

5. Login

To purchase items you must be logged in as a member. If you are not yet a member click 'Become a Member' at the right of your screen.

6. Submit Order

Once you proceed with your order, you are guided through the purchasing process. You will receive an email to confirm your order.

7. Don't want to make your purchase online?

We are happy to take your order over the phone, however we will need confirmation via fax or email. If you have any further questions give us a call.